Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TSB birthday cards!!!!!

I received the most wonderful package in the mail! I don't even know how they did this, but my design team (past and present) got together and all sent me birthday cards to celebrate TSB's 2nd birthday. One after the other I opened them and just wanted to cry. I think it's the nicest thing anyone's ever done. Thank you so very much everyone. I love you all!!!!!
Christy Dillman, Debbie Kozlowski, Jeanne Kupsh, Lorie Ames, Heather Strenzwilk, Jenn Scull, Stacie Gorse, Rhonda Zmikly, Maria, Matter, Jan Hunnicut, Michele Greenwood, Genevieve Samson, Patricia St. Martin, Dardi Kemp, Andrea Cloutier, Aletha Williams, Miranda van den Bosch and Pat Pearson.


  1. happy 2nd anniversary Tracey, wow quite a few cards and all gorgeous

  2. HAH!! We {{love}}you!! Congrats on two years... here we go on to number three!!! So happy to be a part of this celebration with this amazing team!!!


  3. Happy 2nd Anniversary. Just goes to show that you've got a great relationship with your very talented DT team, past and present!!