Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Latte's for Two"

Hello everyone,
I've managed a new Jennifer Latte even with this rotten broken thumb. It wasn't easy. I hope you all like her as she's a little controversial. LOL! My husband's convinced she's politically incorrect being pregnant and drinking a latte. Well husband, "She's not real!!!" LOL! I don't think an occasional latte is a big deal when preggie anyway. Oh well. I had my thumb scanned yesterday and it's still completely broken. :(
It's going to be another 3-4 weeks of "immobility" Which means no drawing, but I have to draw. So there goes that. I hope everyone has super fantastic Suday!!
Hugz to all my wonderful blogger friends out there,


  1. she's fabulous! it's a latte NOT wine! how strict do you have to be when you're pregnant???? wish i knew about latte's when i was pregnant way back when!!! wouldn't have stopped me at all!

    sorry to hear that your thumb is not healing. maybe you should take a break from the drawing!!!!

    hope all else is good.

  2. Good grief, it's a Latte! Although it may make Jr. do somersaults! You may have to really take a break from drawing, if you want that thumb to heal. Bummer, triple bummer, that it's not!

  3. Love this image and whats wrong with a latte every now and then? Even when pregnant! Hope your thumb gets better soon :)

  4. Great job on the image. So sorry to hear your thumb is not healing. :-(
    Tell your dh that it's nice he's concerned about the (virtual) baby, but maybe she's just meeting someone ELSE who's having a latte. lol

  5. has anyone ever heard of DECAF???!?!?! giggles! trust me on this one, dahlings......

    and I give her an adorable 2 thumbs up! make that 3 if you count one for the babe! she is as precious as can be!

    so sorry to hear about your thumb, though. will keep on saying prayers. it most certainly hasn't bothered your artistic skills one bit though. :) sending healing hugs your way!

  6. Oh Love this.. Perfect Timing as My Baby sister is expecting a Girl..
    Hope your figure heals up Quicker..