Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning Audrey!

I shouldn't be releasing all my images as I draw them, but I do anyway. I can't help myself. I finally finish one and I'm just so anxious to share her with my friends. I'm just as excited to see what you all can do with her. I thought, "Spring cleaing" goes with the spring theme. It's close enough anyway! LOL!
Have a wonderful evening, my friends!


  1. you just keep showcasing her and we'll just keep oooohing, aaaaaaaahhhhhing and buying! lol.

    who won the blog candy?????

    hugs :)

  2. We don't mind that you release them. She's fun. I can see her on a chart for my kids.

  3. Keep on releasing them!!! Gives us something to look forward to more often!!! I just love her!!! OHHHH Rhonda has a great idea for a chore list--like it-like it!!!

  4. Love her!! I really like that you release as you make!! I am always looking forward to the next image and not having to wait for a month!!Thanks for doing that!!

  5. hmm... talented people.. u guys just want to make us jealous! :) It's ADORABLE!

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  6. Hello Tracey! She is gorgeous! And inspiring...hmmm...maybe a little spring cleaning would do me some good! Spring will be here before we know it...I too love that you release as you create...HUGS!